Business Mentorship Program

Long before the Covid-19 plight, I've been wanting to give more and add teaching to my life. Lately, I've had extra time on my hands for personal reflection and have realized how inspired I am by the women in the world who want to empower, encourage, and support other female entrepreneurs. I know now how I can give back and help others.

Over the years I've received countless questions about how I started my business--questions about the steps I took to get things off the ground, such as marketing and selling. Now, more than ever, I feel I can help. During these unpredictable times I'm hearing from other women who want more, and are ready to become entrepreneurs. If you've been thinking about creating a business out of your passion for baking, I want to help you!

This summer I am offering a free coaching program that will consist of two 1-hour meetings with me. In this program I'll share my thought process in creating my brand and how The New Southerner went from an idea to execution, and the steps I took to build a successful business. In addition, we will cover the following:

How to Create an Offering

How to Get and Keep the Clients You Want


Branding/Marketing Strategy

How to Sell Your Offering

Growing Your Business at a Manageable Pace

Social Media


How to apply:

Send me a message here telling me about yourself, your level of baking experience, any ideas that you may already have for a business, and anything else you think I should know. I will choose one person for this mentorship on June 30, 2020. The dates/times for our two sessions will be mutually agreed upon. This program is not limited to local Beaumont, TX residents.

Note: I am offering only one mentorship program at this time, however, if you'd like to work with me on business coaching please reach out through my contact page.

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